… sewing floor pillows as a fundraiser for adopting families

Sewing for adoptions….

…my story began as I found out how costly adoption was domestically & internationally. I wanted to do my part to see that children find a loving home because every child deserves to be loved.

Fundraiser for Tanna & Tim Roush:  “Pillow Grab Bag”

I’m looking for 40 people to play….40 people to donate $40 toward their adoption fund.  As a gift for your donation, you will get to playyyyy …. grab bag.   I have wrapped 40 pouf covers & put a number on them.

When you donate $40, you will choose two numbers.  (One of the numbers may already be gone)  Later …you will receive your pouf cover in the mail.  Your pouf will arrive- sight unseen.. by you or me.

                 A surprise.. A suspense... A good cause. 

How to play:

1.  Go to to view the pouf covers

2.  Decide on the color you would like & choose a grab bag number that is listed for that color.  Make 2 number choices in case your 1st number is gone.

  • #1 – 8  (gray)
  • #9 – 15 (turquoise, aqua, or navy)
  • # 16 – 23  (red, burgundy, or black)
  • # 24 – 29  (yellow or green)
  • # 29 – 34  (brown, beige, or orange)
  • # 35 – 40 (pink or lavender )

3.  Make a donation of $40 at:

4.  Email me: with your number choices.   Leave your address so I can mail you the pouf cover. ***Covers do not include the stuffing but can easily be stuffed by using the zipper in the seam & a trip to Walmart for polyester filling.

Other options:  for $50 donation:

******If you don’t want to play the ‘grab bag’ game, for a donation of $50, you can choose the pillow you want & bypass the suspense & go straight to the prize.

*******for a donation of $50, you will receive a UGA or Roll Tide pouf.  (I can’t sell these due to franchise rights but I can give away as donation gifts)

 UGA pouf:


Roll Tide:


My new adapted saying:  “It takes a village to adopt a child.”   Let’s be the village for Tim & Tanna.  

*This is a one time offer that 100% of your money will go directly to Tim & Tanna.  When I sell online, I have fabric expenses & overhead fees.  I am thrilled to be doing this for their adoption & hopefully, will have to close my etsy store to re-stock but this is what my etsy store is all about…

Let’s playyyyyyyy….. Grab that Bag!!!

*thanks to April Bagwell for ‘grab the bag’ idea & Katie Strickland for thinking power toward this.


2 responses to “… sewing floor pillows as a fundraiser for adopting families

  1. Stephanie Elizabeth

    August 27, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Do we place an order on your etsy page if we would like to do the $50 donation and pick the pillow? Or what is the best way to go about it so that the Roush get the credit? Thanks so much!

    • dbagwell2

      August 27, 2013 at 10:45 am

      Pick the pillow & email me which one you want.

      Then you will pay on Tanna’s blog site.




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